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HOPE South Florida is a non-profit organization motivated by God’s love for our city, the Christian community and other partner agencies who have joined together seeking to serve homeless and hurting individuals and families. Through partnerships with the Christian community, services and churches, we are providing housing, mentoring relationships and community one-stop service centers. We seek to see broken families renewed and lives restored. http://www.hopesouthflorida.org​
South Florida Urban Ministries is a dynamic non-profit organization that empowers people to move from poverty to prosperity through holistic youth development, small business development and hunger relief ministries in South Florida. Since 1973, SFLUM has acted as the urban ministry and social justice agency of the Florida Southeast District of the United Methodist Church by partnering with community-based organization, corporations and congregations to develop ministries of compassion and justice. On an annual basis, our professionals and volunteer mentors serve more than 500 students, our food pantries reach more than 11,000 people and our economic development services educate hundreds. http://www.sflum.org

Located near the downtown area, Little Schoolhouse has been a mission of First United Methodist Church for over 40 years. Its purpose is to serve children of low-income families who otherwise would be unable to provide the advantage of the pre-school experience. Tuition is kept low while still providing highly-qualified staff and meeting all the qualifications required by Broward County and the State of Florida. The preschool is A.P.P.L.E. Accredited, holds the Gold Seal Quality of Care State of Florida, Broward County Quality Rating 4+ Stars, United Methodist Association of Preschools and VPK. For information, call 954-764-3107 or visit their website at www.schoolhouse5.wix.com/Preschool

Our Mission Statement: To give a second chance to homeless and other struggling men and women by providing moral encouragement and removing material barriers to self-sufficiency.  Ingrained within the wording of the SCS Mission Statement lies its primary purpose which is to aid homeless and struggling individuals to return to a state of self-sufficiency. With self-sufficiency comes a general state of well-being, self-worth, revitalization and, most importantly, hope. Its secondary purpose is to provide ongoing moral encouragement to its clients to ensure their entrance back into society is as unproblematic as possible. During ten years of its existence, Second Chance Society has assisted over 2,000 men and women, and has become a well-known, beloved entity within the Continuum of Care for the Homeless. Many of its clients fondly think of Second Chance Society volunteers and staff members as their surrogate family. Our Mission Statement: To give a second chance to homeless and other struggling men and women by providing moral encouragement and removing material barriers to self-sufficiency.  http://secondchancesociety.org